Pocomoke City Council puts Todd Nock’s District 4 confirmation on hold

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. – A contentious argument unfolded in front of Pocomoke City residents as City Council met virtually Tuesday night. Todd Nock’s re-election to the District 4 seat was supposed to be confirmed by the council. But that all came to a halt when council members asked for more time to review documents from Nock’s rental agency, claiming he had not lived in the district since 2017.

Residents angered with the council’s decision to review these claims with the board of elections called in. Those residents claimed Mayor Susan Marshall-Harrison and other council members pushed the Board of Elections to do so. In a statement, Mayor Marshall-Harrison tells 47abc “I, as Mayor of Pocomoke City, do not have a vote in this process. Our City Council made a decision last evening to meet with the Board of Elections in an attempt to receive definitive answers to troubling questions they have concerning the election process and questions received from their constituents as well. I greatly respect their concerns and their willingness to seek truth in order to preserve the integrity of our election process.”

But Jared Schablein, a member of Nock’s campaign, says the allegations are simply untrue. He adds that council should not have asked the Board of Elections to meet and review them. “We have elected officials who are upset over an election result, and instead of accepting the will of the people and working for the people they are now using misinformation in a foolish attempt to overturn election results,” said Schablein.

Nock denies the allegations. “These people have constantly attacked me for the past two years. It has been constant. While I’m sick of it, what they don’t understand is they are the reason I keep fighting the fight that I fight for the citizens of this town,” Nock said during Tuesday’s meeting.

He also says he’s disappointed by what he calls an attack on the public servants who make up the board of elections. Nock says they, and he, went about the election process with integrity and honesty. Plus, Nock tells 47ABC he stands by what he said Tuesday night writing In a statement in part quote. “I’m going to stay focused on the job I was elected to do and that is serve the people of Pocomoke, not engage in dirty politics.” As for the question of whether he lives in the city, he responded “Yes I do! And have been for years!”

Nock and his supporters are also raising questions about the legality of the real estate agency sharing the information with members of the public. 47ABC called that agency. They say they believe Nock is not currently a resident. They also say that to their knowledge, giving out information about former tenants is legal.

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