Announcement: Marylanders 16 and older are now eligible for the vaccine

MARYLAND – On Monday, Governor Larry Hogan announced that Marylanders 16 and older will be eligible starting April 6th, to receive the vaccine at mass vaccination sites. This announcements comes as the state has seen the current groups in the phases getting vaccinated, and the push to get everyone vaccinated as soon as possible.

According to health experts, many of the cases the state is struggling with comes from those who traveled, family gatherings, and work related cases. The governor preferences Marylanders to continue to social distance and wear masks, but to pre-register and get vaccinated when they are able to. “Getting more people, younger people vaccinated faster is certainly a goal and we want to make sure that people take it seriously,” says Governor Hogan. “Some younger people some times felt that they were bullet proof or they didn’t have to worry about it nut now we’re seeing that they really do need to worry about it.”

The governor also says, he hopes to eventually close bigger sites in the state, and people can get their vaccines at pharmacies or their doctor’s office. However, he says many of these future plans are based on the state’s supply.

Marylanders 16 and older are still only able to receive the Moderna vaccine, and can receive the vaccine April 12th at any vaccination site.

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