Planning for annual Chincoteague Pony Swim, hoping for in-person event

CHINCOTEAGUE, Va.- In Chincoteague the annual Pony Swim and Fireman’s carnival is on for now.

The event is usually held in July and draws thousands of people to the island.

Last year, their pony auction was held virtually.

And because of COVID-19 restrictions still in place, planning is still up in the air for this summer.

However, the Chincoteague Volunteer Department is hoping that things will be able to happen in person.

“We want this event to happen, we want it for all the pony fans out there, for all the fire company fans out there, we want it for our businesses here, and to just get back to some sense of normality,” Denise Bowden, with the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department, said.

We are are told that the Fire Company also does a Pony roundup in the Spring to give ponies checkups and shots, which people usually go to watch.

But, right now they are unsure if the public will be able to come together to see that.

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