Maryland schools planning to combat learning gap during summer school this year

EASTERN SHORE, Md.- School districts on the Eastern Shore are already planning for more students to need summer school this year because of virtual learning.

“We are going to continue to use whatever diagnostic data or form of assessments we have to make sure our students with greatest need can get face to face first, even in the summer,” Tamara Mills, Coordinator of Instruction, of Worcester Public Schools, said.

Dorchester County Public Schools and Worcester County Public Schools are just two of the districts currently planning to close the learning gap this summer.

Both told me certain students in their counties need more face-to-face instruction than what this past year has offered.

“Ultimately, students learn in different ways they all learn in different modalities and some of them are such hands-on learners that the face-to-face is just crucial,” Mills said.

The Director of Leadership and School Improvement, for DCPS, said they will have a summer academy for each school level.

She said they are hoping to look at a hybrid model and face-to-face as much as possible.

“We will have it all mapped out in terms of staffing, and class size and groupings and at the secondary level we’re looking at multiple sessions and opportunities,” Regina Teat, Director of Leadership and School Improvement, said.

Meanwhile, Worcester County Public Schools, said they too are hoping for an in-person return for summer school, especially for students that need that interaction most.

“The nice thing with summer program is that with smaller numbers teacher can really create more individualized programs for their kids,” Mills said.

While these schools are hoping to get students back on track this summer, they know CDC restrictions will have a big part in how their summer school’s run.

“It all depends on where we are in terms of the health matrix, and of course we want to make it safe for staff and students alike,” Teat said.

Mills said that last year they had over 400 students enrolled last year for their summer academy, and she hopes to see higher numbers from last year.

Teat says secondary schools will start the last week in June.

Elementary and middle school will start right after fourth of July week.

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