Legislators say HB21 could improve quality of healthcare for some Delawareans

DELAWARE – Delaware law makers will soon be reviewing a bill that would allow certain nurses to provide healthcare across a wider area. House Bill 21 would enter Delaware into a compact with other states to allow advanced practice registered nurses to practice over state lines.  “It’s really important that we are able to provide public access to quality to individuals who are in more rural areas and underserved communities,” said Representative Melissa Minor-Brown.

Advanced practice registered nurses are those who have gone on to earn a master’s degree or higher. Rep. Minor-Brown says that APRNs often work with disadvantaged communities. So, she says if this bill is passed, it could help with disparities in healthcare in the first state. “The healthcare providers that go into those areas are our APRNs. So we just want to make sure that we can continue to do that and expand the work of APRNs,” said Rep. Minor-Brown.

If the bill is passed, the nurses would be required to complete 2,080 hours of practice to get their multi state license. The next Delaware legislative session will convene on Tuesday, January 12th.

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