FBI warns about possibility of armed protests in state capitals across the nation

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – As local leaders return to Maryland’s capital for the 2021 legislative session, some say safety is on their minds. This coming after the FBI warned that armed protests could happen in state capitals across the nation leading up to President-Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. Maryland State Police have said they are prepared to handle any outbreaks of violence with a special force of troopers.

Speaker Pro Tempore for the Maryland House of Delegates Sheree Sample-Hughes says legislators are also prepared if anything happens. “We have ramped up our security measures because we’re not taking any of that threat lightly. We want to ensure that our members are protected. I want to safely come back home to my family. I want to go there to do my job,” said Speaker Pro Tempore Sample-Hughes.

The FBI says in addition to protests, they’re also warning about the possibility of legislators being targeted. In addition to local law enforcement staying prepared the National Guard has also said they’ll be supporting police if necessary.

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