Ocean City gives green light to OC Lacrosse Fest

OCEAN CITY, Md. – It’s official. Ocean City will be moving forward with the OC Lacrosse Fest over the next three years. “Ocean City being a family resort, youth sports is a no brainer,” said Chair of Ocean City’s Tourism Advisory Board Stephan Pastusak.

The Ocean City Council voted unanimously to approve the event. It would include a three day lacrosse tournament in August of 2021 through 2023. “The hope is this will get us back to some resemblance of normalcy in 2021,” said Pastusak.

Pastusak says they’re also eyeing a winter box tournament, which is an indoor version of lacrosse. He says that having that on top of the OC Lacrosse Fest could be a big financial boost for Ocean City’s hotels and businesses. “Part of our deal is to do a lacrosse box tournament, which is an indoor version of lacrosse. It’s a lot different but using the same equipment. Having a tournament in like January or December moving forward to put some heads in beds in the winter time,” said Pastusak.

Organizers say that OC Lacrosse Fest could bring in as much as $5 million for the resort town. Now they are focused on securing a location and making other arrangements for the event.

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