Salisbury University first in the University System of Maryland to add new integrated science major

SALISBURY, Md.- There’s a new integrated science major being offered at Salisbury University and it’s the first of its kind in the University System of Maryland.

The university recently announced this new major and said it will allow students to create an individual and flexible major, with a foundation in science and technology that is best suited to their interests and career goals.

We are told that if students are having a hard time passing a course in a traditional science major they have seen students leave the university or switch majors.

So, they are hoping to solve that problem by adding this new major to increase the retention and graduation of STEM majors.

“There are many more jobs for people who are trained in science then there are people who are graduating with science degrees, so this is a major strategic question for us is to how to get more STEM graduates out the door,” Michael Scott, dean of the Henson School and Science and Technology, said.

We are told there is a shortage in the state of Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region of people who are trained in science.

So, they hope the graduation of more STEM students will not only help the university, but the community as well.

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