Salisbury Criminal Justice Reform Task Force holds first meeting

SALISBURY, Md. – Last night the Salisbury Criminal Justice Reform Task Force held it’s first meeting and Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan says there’s a lot to discuss over the next year.

Chief Duncan says members of the task force talked about transparency as well as the need to rebuild trust with police.

This comes after a police department employee was accused of stealing from the department’s property room in February.

She says the task force also wants to better understand police officers, but overall, Duncan says the goal is to have constant connectivity with community members.

“If we’re not trying to figure out what they want and how we can best accomplish those goals within the confines of the law then we’re wasting time, money, resources and we certainly should be doing better,” said Duncan.

With these conversations, Chief Duncan says she hopes to find new ways to collaborate with community members and possibly come up with realistic policy changes that will help reduce crime in the city.

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