Somerset Co. to receive aerial mosquito control

SOMERSET CO., Md. — If you plan on spending some time outside in somerset county later this week, you may see some planes flying lower than usual. But have no fear, they’re only getting rid of mosquitoes.

It’s part of an annual routine by the Maryland Department of agriculture. They will be doing their aerial mosquito spray throughout Somerset County in the areas of Crisfield, Smith Island and Tylerton.

We’re told this is all in an attempt to reduce the adult mosquito population, as they feed on humans and pets.

Residents of the affected areas are advised that the insecticide to be applied is Trumpet a formulation containing naled and applied at less than 1.0 fluid ounce per acre. We’re told approximately 7,184 acres will be treated.¬† It is not necessary for people, pets or livestock to leave the area to be treated.

Officials say the spraying will begin some time Thursday evening.

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