Lower Eastern Shore counties getting funding to help curb opioid crisis

MARYLAND – Worcester, Wicomico, and Somerset Counties are getting grants to help combat the opioid crisis on the Eastern Shore. “They go right to the locals and they allow the locals to determine what will work best in their communities when it comes to prevention, treatment, and law enforcement,” said State Senator Mary Beth Carozza.

The grants will help support the needs of families and children impacted by the opioid crisis on the Eastern Shore. $178,700 will go to fund a behavioral health coordinator, youth outreach coordinator, and two safe stations in Worcester and Wicomico Counties. The safe stations will provide a place where people suffering from addiction can get help.

Additionally, $96,400 will help pay for a a peer support program for first responders in Worcester County. $89,742 will aid in expanding law enforcement information sharing in Somerset County. Meanwhile, the Wicomico County Narcotics Task Force will be given $33,900 to purchase a narcotics analyzer. It’s a device that helps law enforcement safely test substances in the field.

Sen. Carozza says it’s exciting to see funding to help support smaller communities. She also says that it’s especially needed now, as COVID-19 has created a challenge for treatment and prevention of opioid use. “They understand that you have to do due diligence in each one in order to effectively combat our heroin opioid crisis, which is still very much with us today. If anything, COVID-19 has put some stressors on,” said Sen. Carozza.

The announcement comes as Wicomico County prepares to celebrate National Recovery Month in September. The county will kick off the month with a movie night at Arthur Perdue Stadium Friday September fourth.

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