Dover church goers asked to get tested for COVID-19 after possible exposure

DOVER, Del. – The Delaware Department of Public Health is asking people who attended a Dover church’s weekend conference to get tested for COVID-19. “We know that they had two recent conferences surpassing 200 people a piece. The thing is is that the nexus of people that we would ask to get tested extends from there,” said DPH Chief Physician Dr. Rick Pescatore.

The DPH says at least three members of the Destiny Christian Church tested positive for COVID-19. Dr. Pescatore says that the DPH has been doing community outreach to determine who may have been exposed. “When we talk about testing here in the state of Delaware there’s so many tentacles to this octopus, right? But one of the most important ones is response in areas of concern. DEMA did just that today. They went out and put together a high volume testing site really at the drop of a hat,” said Dr. Pescatore.

Dr. Pescatore added that the Delaware Emergency Management Agency got through more than 200 people at the testing event Tuesday. Dr. Pescatore says that the congregation is working with the DPH to make sure that everyone is contacted and tested. He says that the quick response couldn’t have been possible without the help of the church. “This could not be done without these trusted really reliable and fantastic community partners who have great relationships in the community,” said Dr. Pescatore.

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