Wicomico Co. NAACP holds press conference in Salisbury

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SALISBURY, Md. – NAACP leaders gathered in Salisbury for change. They called on the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office to do away with military grade equipment. The NAACP also called for a Citizen’s Review Board to be created, and for police departments to ban the use of knee and choke holds, and no-knock warrants. Lastly, the NAACP called for citizens to have more access to records on officer misconduct.

Maryland Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes says that to make a big change – state and local leaders must work together. “As a state leader we have to lead. So we have to be able to put in measures that are going to be able to be implemented statewide. But certainly our locals – they pull from that strength, and they look to us to provide them the leverage,” said Del. Sample-Hughes.

Del. Sample-Hughes also announced that the Maryland House of Delegates has created police accountability work groups that will begin meeting on June 23rd. “Persons that have been in the policing field, as well as citizens that unfortunately have had unfortunate circumstances or interactions with the law enforcement. So to that end, we are looking for this to be a segue into additional work, but additional opportunity to safeguard and hear first hand what our citizens are concerned about,” said Del. Sample-Hughes.


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