Protesters gather at north Salisbury Walmart

SALISBURY, Md. – Peaceful protesters gathered at the Walmart in North Salisbury today in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. “I want my children’s’ voices to be heard before they have them. They may face adversity and racism one day from a source that is completely out of their control. Until my babies have their voice, I’m their voice right now,” said protester Shannon.

The protest was organized through Facebook, and people who showed up say they wanted to make their voices heard and set examples for generations to come. “We’re standing here for equality. It’s too much injustice, and we really need to come together and actually make a point, and let us know that we’re all family. It doesn’t matter about the race. We just need to know that hey, wrong is wrong and right is right,” said protester Tanisha.

Protesters tell 47ABC that gathering at Walmart and moving to Route 13 was the perfect place because of all the stores and restaurants that draw people to that area. “There’s Buffalo Wild Wings, Chick Fil A and everything. Main places that people eat, and come through. Plus Delmar is right there. So you have to come through here if you want to stop. So why not be right here?” said Tanisha.

They say now is the time for everyone to come together and call for equality. “This has been a struggle for years and we still haven’t fixed it. So we’re going to stand out here and we’re going to keep on making a stand, no matter how old you are, how young you are. It doesn’t matter the color, how tall, how fat. We do what we do because like she said, we all bleed red,” said Tanisha.

The protesters tell us that they plan to continue gathering in Salisbury. “I just want to be heard. I want my babies’ voices to be heard. I don’t want them to be unaware of what may happen at some point in their life,” said Shannon.

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