Delmar Board of Ed. changes grading policy, 4th quarter won’t count in final grade

DELMAR, Del. – A vote to adopt a new grading system for Delmar Middle and High School students has many parents upset.

“It’s just a little disappointing that the district waited so long to kind of rip the carpet from underneath everybody and change it so late in the game,” said Nicole Scharf.

In a letter from the district, parents and students suddenly learned that the grades they would have earned for the 4th quarter from home won’t count towards their final grade.

“For them to tell them that it was going to be graded and then now it’s nothing? I don’t know. It’s a little frustrating,” said La Shonda Brown.

Brown says the change is a huge blow to her daughter who’s a freshman at Delmar Senior High School and is focused on getting good grades to solidify her future.

“It could make whether you’re getting a scholarship or whether you’re not. Those two points could make whether you get accepted to this school or whether you do not,” said Brown.

Other parents tell 47 ABC the timing of this decision just doesn’t add up.

“There’s one more packet left. You’ve basically waited until a third of quarters of the work was done to say oops we’re not going to count any of that,” said Scharf.

In their defense, the board sent a statement to 47 ABC to validate the change saying, “There is no perfect solution but the modified policy best serves the greatest number of students possible.” But some parents weren’t sold on the explanation.

“I’m not convinced without doing a little more research that it’s the best decision to benefit the whole group of kids,” said Scharf.

And while it’s not the ideal situation, parents say they’ll still make sure the work gets done.

“They still to this day are doing assignments, even though it doesn’t matter,” said Brown.

The school year is expected to come to an end for the Delmar School District on June 9th and report cards are expected to be sent out on the 16th.


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