Salvation Army feeding seniors

SALISBURY, Md. – The Salvation Army of the Lower Eastern Shore is making sure that seniors don’t go hungry while quarantined. The Salvation Army was at the Lodges at Naylor Mill distributing boxes of food Thursday. The organization tells us they partnered with local senior housing complexes and the Maryland Food Bank figure out where the food was needed most.

Volunteers could be seen placing boxes on doorsteps and ringing the doorbell to make sure there wasn’t any contact. Captain Matthew Trantham says now more than ever, it’s important to make sure that people are getting enough food. “People are out of work. people are going without hours. You know, they’re trying their best to survive on what they have. They’re trying to you keep their own fridges full, trying to keep their own mouths fed,” said Trantham.

The Salvation Army tells us that the boxes are filled with about 35 lbs. of vegetables, fruits, dry goods, and meats. The boxes have enough food to feed a family for a week. If you’re in need of food or other social services you can visit the Salvation Army’s website.

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