DE officials and companies team up to host first-ever virtual STEM signing day

DELAWARE – Delaware’S Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long and Senator Chris Coons teaming up with companies to host an online signing day for students studying STEM subjects. Organizers say they’re planning to do it annually. However, this is the firs time an event like this has been done in Delaware, and was virtual.”We typically supported on-site events. We really came around to do the first ever live stream virtual one,” said Casey Welch, CEO and co-founder of Tallo.

Tallo worked in partnership with companies like Boeing and FAME Inc. to get the event organized. 20 students were selected to be featured in the event. Welch tells 47ABC the signing was done remotely to comply with social distancing.

Organizers say they wanted to give those students the same kind of recognition athletes get on their signing days. “Many of these students said ‘We didn’t know that anybody really cared about us. We always knew about the person that scored four touchdowns or whatever on that sports field.’ But what we’re doing is we are making a big impact. We’re going to make a big contribution,” said Welch.

Welch also tells 47abc that he and other organizers are receiving a lot of feedback from students, who say they’re grateful for the opportunity. He says he hopes other students will be inspired by the signing to follow a STEM path. “It was really an event that was put together to highlight the importance of the future STEM talent to a four year degrees,” said Welch.

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