Worcester County Public Schools supporting students at home

WORCESTER COUNTY, Md. – Worcester County public schools are doing what they can to make sure their students are still receiving quality care and a good education. Pencils, books, and paper are just a few of the things a supply box at Buckingham Elementary School in Berlin, where students can fill up a bag to make sure that they have what they need to learn at home. “We miss our kids every single day and we’re hoping that we’re back in school really soon, but it’s super important to us they stay safe and healthy while they’re home.” said school principal Chris Welch.

Students and parents lined up Tuesday at the school to pick up Chromebooks and free school supplies. English language learners teacher Karen Conner says the school is dedicated to making sure students are still learning while they’re at home. “All of the teachers who are working so hard right now to get everything loaded for them online are going to have assignments for them, activities for them, so they can keep doing the reading, the writing, the math. We even have the writing paper that they’re used to using,” said Conner. District officials tell 47ABC students and their families are already taking advantage of the free school supplies.  They’re working with parents to set up other supply boxes at their homes around the community.

Worcester County Public School students can also access online guidance from the counselor’s they’re used to seeing at school every day. “Families can access information that can help them with self care, mental health, mindfulness, and trying to stay on top of their self care as we go through this difficult time,” said Lauren Williams, mental health coordinator for the district.

Students can set up online counseling sessions through the district’s website. The school district says it was important to make sure that students still had an opportunity to connect with the people at their schools that they trust the most. “We wanted to kind of continue to have that line of communication for our students to be able to reach out to their school counselor. You know, when there are times of change, a lot of things are changing, and students are losing their routines,” said Williams.

District officials say that they are going to keep developing this program to make sure that students are covered in all areas. If you’d like to access the online counseling you can visit Worcester County Public Schools’ Facebook page. There you’ll find links and phone numbers leading to different guidance counselors from multiple schools.

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