Handy Seafood and Mountaire Farms feeding people in Crisfield

CRISFIELD, Md. – The Crisfield Fire Department hosting a food giveaway today. Handy Seafood and Mountaire farms were on scene giving out some of their products to people in need. “Handy and Mountaire Farms are jumping out to help the community. You know, it’s a really big time of need. Everybody knows what’s going on in the world today and truly we want to be part of the family,” said Jeffrey Middleton, Handy Seafood director of operations.

Friday people lined up at the Crisfield Fire Department to receive bags with frozen chicken, crab, and other seafood. Mountaire Farms donated enough chicken for 500 families. “We’ve got proteins that can help and help feed the community, take care of Crisfield and the surrounding areas, because we’re part of the family of Crisfield,” said Middleton.

Organizers tell 47 ABC it was a community effort, with the Crisfield Arts Syndicate helping to bring the two companies together. Mountaire provided the chicken and Handy seafood giving seafood and a truck to help bring food to the waiting people. “When this is over we have really gotten our legs under this community. I think a lot of things good things are gonna happen. I think folks are looking out for each other more than they ever have before,” said Shawna Kearsley, executive director of Crisfield Arts Syndicate.

As workers and volunteers handed out the food, they could be seen wearing protective masks and gloves. Middleton says while giving back to the community is important, safety is key. “We’ve got to be safe. We want everybody to be able to partake and enjoy what’s going on, but at the end of the day it’s all about safety and taking care of each other and taking care of ourselves,” said Middleton.

The Crisfield Arts Syndicate tells 47abc the event wasn’t just about feeding people today. It was also about building a stronger community as a whole. “We’re looking at today, but we’re building these relationships and the systems for a sustainable future,” said Kearsley.

Organizers say they didn’t expect such a large turnout, so they plan to do more food giveaways in April with the help of the Maryland Food Bank.

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