Mayor Day delivers State of the City address

SALISBURY, Md. – “Buckle up folks, I got some things to say,” Mayor Jacob Day said on Wednesday at his State of the City address.

There weren’t any seat belts, but there were plenty of ears, and plenty of people listening to Mayor Day as he talked about all the city has accomplished over the past 4 years.

“Some of them are seemingly small, but they’re exemplary of big changes,” he said. “And then some big changes, like structural, dynamic things, like repaving roads across our cities.”

For a little more than an hour, the Mayor talked about, construction, jobs, homelessness, and crime throughout the city.

“Salisbury is safer, demonstrably, provably, palpably, quantifiably, undeniably – go to the FBI and ask them,” he said to the crowd.

And another topic, of course, was finances.

“We are proud of how fiscally responsible and frugal we’ve been, not having to raise taxes over the last three budgets, we’re very proud of who we are as a city financially,” Mayor Day said.

Mayor Day says the event gave him a rare chance to reflect on the work he and his staff have done throughout his term.

“There’s a little bit of emotion in tying a bow on this term as mayor,” he said.

Emotion all around, as several officials took the time to thank the mayor for the work that he discussed.

“Thank you for dreaming big, and truly seeing Salisbury when this community had trouble believing in ourselves, you have forever changed the community, and now we’re all visionaries and believers,” Julia Glanz, City Administrator, said.

And those emotions carried into the end of the Mayor’s address as he thanked the city that he says he’s proud to serve.

“I am proud of us, I’m proud of this city, I look forward to Salisbury’s future more than ever before,” he said.

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