Burn bans enforced across the eastern shore due to extreme dry weather

SALISBURY, Md. – The eastern shore has had a really warm and dry summer, which is spilling into the fall months, and causing some concerns for local emergency officials. So far both Dorchester and Somerset Counties have put a burn ban into effect for their areas due to the extremely dry conditions they’ve been seeing. On Wednesday, Wicomico County officials also met to discuss the possibility of enforcing this ban. They say the ban, which can vary from county to county, can prohibit all outdoor and recreational fires.

“Keeping that under control is important because it certainly may threaten the lives of many people if it gets out of control. So that’s the intent which is to protect the public against some fires that may get out of control,” said Executive Director for Wicomico County Department of Emergency Services, David Shipley.

Shipley adds that Wicomico County hasn’t enforced a burn ban since 2012. After their meeting Wednesday, they will present their considerations to County Executive Bob Culver who will then have the final decision on whether the ban will be put into place.

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