OC Mayor Rick Meehan plans to continue working on specific issues after being re-elected

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Mayor Rick Meehan was re-elected beating former council member Joe Hall.

Meehan brought in a total of 1,695 votes, while Hall received 773 votes.

Meehan has served as mayor for the last 12 years and says although there are still many things he wants to get done, such as expanding the convention center. He also wants to work with the motor vehicle task force to discuss things like H20i.

Mayor Meehan also says he’s excited to work the newly elected council on other issues facing the resort town. “We’re going to be talk about tax differential, how we best come to some conclusion with that, whether it’s through the court system or through further negotiations with Worcester County. That’s the number one priority,” Meehan tells 47 ABC.

Mayor Meehan also tells us another issue he plans to work on is the route 90 bridge dualization project.

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