Upgraded Federalsburg Community Center becomes one stop shop for families


FEDERALSBURG, Md. – A Caroline County facility got a major facelift. But it’s not what’s on the outside that’s making a world of a difference, it’s the expanded services happening inside that’s changing lives.

It’s the newly renovated Federalsburg Community Center. They hope to serve up to 100 families.

Maryland Rural Development Corporation took over this facility 28 years ago to create a Headstart program for young ones. But as the program expanded, MRDC realized that more needed to be done for the area.

Chris Benzing, the MRDC Executive Director says, “We made the building physically more attractive on the outside more importantly we tightened up to end our moisture issues, which makes it safer and healthier for our children.” But it’s what’s happening behind closed doors that’s really making a difference. More services will be provided.

“We’ve also expanded to have our housing services office and housing can go from foreclosure or eviction prevention to first time home buyer classes. What we are focusing on Caroline County is weatherization and rehabilitation,” Benzing tells 47 ABC.

They are also offering parenting classes and financial workshops.

We’re told with these added services having everything at one prime location is key to giving these families everything possible.

In the first year, they hope to help 25 more families and from there they’ll double those numbers. MRDC says they are looking to bring in more services. One idea is to partner with colleges to provide classes, child care and transportation for those students.

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