West Salisbury Elementary opens its new facility for the first day of school

SALISBURY, Md. – With school back in session some students may not be too excited, but the ones at West Salisbury Elementary were because they finally got to step foot into their new school.

The old facility built in 1964 needed a facelift through a replacement project.

West Salisbury has been under construction since 2016, but now it’s ready to show off its new and improved structure.

Their principal Melva Wright tells 47 ABC, “We’re fully air conditioned and in the old building, we were not. Most of the academic spaces in the building was not air conditioned. Plus, we have space for everything. We used to have a room that we called the ‘gymnacafetorium‘. It was the gymnasium, the cafeteria, the auditorium.”

Besides the necessities, it’s the upgraded classroom materials that will give students an upper hand. They have state of the art technology, where every classroom has interactive white boards, projectors, and document cameras.

But more than just some new classrooms and media space, West Salisbury Elementary is giving children inspiration to stay focused.

Now that West Salisbury has been completed, we’re told the next project on the list for the county is Beaver Run Elementary. That project is set to break ground next year.

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