The Brightside: Women Supporting Women

Women Supporting Women has been helping breast cancer patients for 25 years.

It all started when a few women, like Sue Revelle, realized that those patients needed more than just medicine.

“I had a young lady come who just being treated for breast cancer and said that she wanted to go a support group. with some investigation, I found there was no support group and there was nothing in the way of support like that organizations for people with cancer at all.”

Sue and her friends, Harriette Fine and Carol Prager started their own support group.

20 women showed up that day 25 years ago according to Sue.

“The thing that they found was that there was alack of education to make some life-altering decisions.”

Today, Women Supporting Women serves hundreds of people in Wicomico, Worcester, Somerset, and Dorchester counties and some parts of Sussex County.

The services offered go way beyond a support group.

It’s a one-stop shop for patients and their families for resources.

Cathy Nickels is a two-time breast cancer survivor and says Women Supporting Women helped her through.

“You can’t do this alone. You really need that support and Women Supporting Women we are so lucky to have an organization in our community that helps you. Because you are lost and you don’t know what to do.”

Each newly diagnosed patient receives a signature pink bag.

Nickels says a book found inside contained important tools that she used to help her talk to her kids and husband about her disease.

The organization even gave her a piglet pillow which helps survivors sleep comfortably after having a mastectomy.

Nickels says the organization’s programs were invaluable to her.

“They help you through that whole process, from beginning to the end and thereafter. They’re always here.. they’re always here with a smile and a hug and a warm spirit.”

Cindy Feist is the director of Women Supporting Women.

Feist says she is so proud of the non-profit’s progress and has *already* starting implementing new ways to make an impact with the people who need it.

“This spring, we actually did our first healthiest you conference. That was provided by a grant from the Royal Maryland Council. It was really a great event. We had a lot of people come out.”

The event put people face to face with health professionals to learn about personal wellness.

Feist says she and her team are always looking for ways to make Women Supporting Women grow and give the families who are navigating through cancer a lifeline.

If you’d like more information on Women Supporting Women, you can find it here:

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