Overdose Protocol

Maryland is looking to create new overdose protocols for hospitals.

heroin overdose last year in maryland — fifty-nine percent had visited the hospital at least once prior for a different overdose… and according to the state health department — they had been to the hospital within a year of their deaths. for that reason — the state is planning to create voluntary reporting protocols of all nonfatal overdoses with hospitals — to help coordinate treatment. it’s something that’s reportedly already happening in wicomico county after someone administers the life-saving drug naloxone — but the issue — 19;14;59 our addictions people reach out and offer services and tell the person what’s available, we can’t force them to accept it 19;14;08 butt sot 19;15;13 it’s definitely a concern 19;15;15 wicomico county health officials say the extra data will be helpful — but they are making other strides in the county that are also working to battle the epidemic. we have more information about that on our website — just log-on to 47 abc dot-com. now to a flu

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