Victory Baptist Church honors heroes on Memorial Day

Bridgeville, Del. – Bridgeville celebrating this memorial day.

“Here at our church we love veterans, we love America,” Pastor Russ Kessler of Victory Baptist Church said.

Victory Baptist Church coming together to celebrate Memorial Day on Monday honoring fallen individuals for their duty. “Wanted to take just a timeout to remember those who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice so we can have freedom here in America,” Pastor Kessler said.

Pastor Russ Kessler served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 4 and a half years, traveling to 36 different countries. Also serving the United States is Keith Edwards, an Army veteran of 3 years and a National Guard veteran of 6 years who says serving is worth it. “You realize that you’re in a country that’s great and they have needs just like everybody else and one of them is doing what needs to be done to keep our country strong and that’s what we did,” Veteran, Keith Edwards said.

Pastor Kessler also says Memorial Day is to honor those you see serving day to day. “We pay honor not only to those who served in the military, we honor those who served as police officers, those that are serving as EMTs, firefighters and others that serve us. We love those that serve,” the Pastor added.

Former Police Officer and Firefighter, Bryan Lewis says he served Delaware for a total of 24 years which came at a cost. “The American flag stands for freedom and freedom isn’t free, so each country we go into we’re going to have sacrifices,” Brian Lewis said.

“It is one of the greatest privileges to give part of your life to these United States we’re certainly not a perfect country but we are the best country in the world,” Pastor Kessler said.

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