NRA files lawsuit following signing of gun control bills


Maryland- The National Rifle Association filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the state of Maryland following the signing of a pair of gun control bills by Governor Wes Moore.

The bills in question limits where a firearm could be legally carried, even by a citizen with a concealed carry permit in the state.

The lawsuit in claims that by making it illegal to carry a firearm in so many locations that law abiding citizens cannot effectively carry for self defense.

Despite the lawsuit Governor Moore is confident that the laws in Maryland will stand. Stating in a CNN interview “I do think this law will hold up. We were working with the office of the attorney general who believes these laws will hold up.”

In that same interview he went on to explain how the intention of these new laws is to make Maryland a safer place as gun violence has been on the rise throughout the state.

In that same interview Moore said: “I’ve been Governor for 5 months, and here’s what I know: in the past 8 years we have seen how the homicide rate in the State of Maryland has doubled. We are seeing how the rate of non-fatal shootings has nearly doubled in the past 8 years.”

His hope is to also collaborate with local law enforcement agencies to establish enforceable measure that will keep communities across Maryland safer.



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