Crisfield projects continue to stregthen the city’s infrastructure

CRISFIELD, Md. – Funding is coming down the piplline to stregthen the city of Crisfield.

This is an ongoing project, in February a meeting was held to determine the needs of the town. One of those needs being flooding, however, now a plethora of efforts are underway to keep the city afloat.

The city’s grant writer administrator says the goal of this funding is to increase the functionality of the town. “Nusiance flooding that impacts, it impacts the residents the visitors, and we have several projects underway that we are excited about that will actually improve the situation with the nusiance flooding,” Jen Merritt, the City’s Grant Writer Administrator said.

Some of the projects the city plans to carry out include climate resilience. In partnership with FEMA and other organizations the city will improve water infrastructure.

Another project that happens to be ongoing is the wastewater pumping stations which will clean current sewer pipes as they become more porous. “The city has 3 waste water pumping stations and it will bring the pumping stations above the floodplain but also there will be new pumping stations with great function, and in the other project is to reduce inflow and infiltration, I and I which is in older pipes,” Merritt said.

This project is expected to be completed august of this year. There will be a community meeting on May 6th at 3:30 in the Crisfield Library that the city encourages you to come out to.

Now also underway are the improvements to the Crisfield City Dock, which the city has requested funding for with a project total of $2,500,000.

Crisfield also received $5,000 to fund a drug prevention program that aims to reduce substance abuse.

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