Camden Ave. Intersection Concerns

Intersection Concerns

SALISBURY, Md – Residents in Salisbury have grown concerned over the safety at the intersection of Camden Avenue and South Boulevard and now city officials are taking action.

Following a recent city council meeting where residents expressed safety concerns, the city announced they are making changes to the roadway.
Speed monitoring signs have already been installed, meanwhile Thursday and Friday crews will be installing rumble strips to reduce drivers’ speed.

47abc spoke with one of the residents, Rick Konrad, who lives right by the intersection.

Konrad tells us he has witnessed multiple crashes and has been clamoring for increased safety measures.

Konrad told us this quote.” I think they are a little bit of half measures relative to the overall need to have this light turned back on and I hope that that happens because the other line of sight issues aren’t being addressed and I don’t think they can address them in any kind of long-term way.”

he went on to also say, “I’ve almost been hit twice with cars that came straight when they were supposed to turn right so that’s another issue that they have to address, and I brought this up to the council at the last council meeting so there’s other problems at this intersection and taking it back to the way it was would be a lot safer than it is now.”

Rick Konrad also told us while attending the City Council meeting on Monday he received support from council members.
We reached out to the city to see if more safety improvements will be made — we did not hear back.

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