Habitat For Humanity, AKA Sorority Inc. host tree planting for new homeowner in Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md – The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Delta Sigma Omega Chapter partnering with Habitat for Humanity to plant trees shrubs, and flowers at one of Habitat For Humanity’s new homes, or as they call it, beautifying.

Members of the chapter say it’s all a part of their community service focus and also presented the homeowner Rhoda Nakey with gifts for her and her three daughters.

Molly Hiligoss of Habitat For Humanity Wicomico County tells us that for first-time homeowners, learning how to tend to your garden and grow that green thumb can be a challenge but not anymore.

“This is the landscaping day that we promised to her when she purchased this home so it’s exciting these families are first-time homeowners they have never had the opportunity to do landscaping,” Hiligoss said.

“We are about giving back to the community and this is part of enhancing our environmental initiatives as well as sponsoring our earth day so we felt this was a good opportunity to give back and support a single mother,” said AKA DSO Chapter President Kara Miciotto.

Hiligoss says once one home in the neighborhood goes all in on going green, you see many more homes start building their own garden, adding with the weather heating up, it’s as important as ever to have those trees to provide that cool shade for the community.


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