CROPA Station restaurant opens doors in downtown Princess Anne, revitalization efforts continue

PRINCESS ANNE, Md.- “Great customer service, good food, and welcoming,” Co-Owner Lynnell Fletcher-Pugh said.

The new CROPA Station restaurant now calls downtown Princess Anne home. The space opened its door to the public Saturday.

It’s an extension of the nonprofit CROPA, which stands for Concerned Residents of Princess Anne. “One of our missions is economic development and that’s what we wanted to encourage here. We were thinking it should be more jobs and be more activity,” Co-Owner Dale Parker said.

A rotating menu features a variety of items from burgers to seafood.

In addition to food, the eatery is also fulfilling a need for more downtown businesses with extended hours. “After a certain time around 8 or 9, things go dead around here,” Fletcher-Pugh said.

“There are more opportunities to eat dinner, linger, and enjoy the downtown Princess Anne area,” Samis said.

Main St. Manager Carrie Samis says the opening marks another milestone in the town’s revitalization efforts.

She tells 47ABC the hope is that new business attracts more visitors. “Coming down from Salisbury, Berlin, or even Pocomoke they can explore our downtown. They can shop with our local shops and eat at our local restaurants. It definitely is an economic boost,” Samis said.

CROPA Station is also one of more than a dozen businesses opening in the area in recent years and we’re told that’s just the beginning. “The businesses in our downtown district are locally owned. When you’re shopping here or eating here, you’re helping to support local family members, your neighbors, your friends, and the people who live in your community,” Samis said.

“100 years from now, we want this to be a cornerstone in our community where people can come together, meet, socialize, and enjoy each other,” Parker said.

Owners tell us they’re looking into expanding the business in the future to offer a lounge space for karaoke and even spoken word events.

Town officials also tell us there are other vacant commercial spaces available for those interested.

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