Dr. William Henry Park basketball courts now operational

BERLIN, Md. – Good news for community members in Berlin, the Dr. William Henry Park basketball courts are now operational.

The lighting project at the park has been completed, players can light up the courts by pressing a button on the bottom of the light. This will generate an hour’s worth of light from 5 to 11 P.M. Now that the park is well-lit community members can access the park at any time.

“People are going to be very excited about it. It’s going to open up the ability to maybe do some more tournaments later into the day and people will be able to play when it gets a little cooler in the evening when the sun goes down,” Mary Bohlen, Berlin Town Administrator said.

Bohlen says the Department of Natural Resources funded the project through the Community Parks and Playgrounds Program. The park will have a ribbon cutting the date and time is to be determined.

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