Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce weighs in on ‘Right to Work’ repeal in Michigan; “Not the biggest issue facing businesses in Maryland”

SALISBURY, Md- Local chambers of commerce reacting to a major boost for labor rights after Michigan became the first state in the nation to strike down a right-to-work measure.

27 states across the country have passed right-to-work laws, forbidding unions from requiring membership and dues from workers that would still benefit from contracts drafted by the unions. Maryland is not on that list, but still has protections against employers mandating union membership and due collections by employers.

Bill Christopher of the Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce says a bill introducing Right To Work failed in the Maryland General Assembly this session, but he believes that if unions and businesses are operating above board the measure is not needed in Maryland.

“There are protections under state law an employer can’t force an employee to join a union, its totally up to the employee to decide and that’s currently in state law, but it is not true right to work as we see in other states, so our employees are in a good position and employers know how to work within that framework, if a union is doing its job workers want to join you don’t need to mandate it,” Christopher said.

He says he believes that 15 dollars minimum wage, and the Maryland Paid Family Medical Leave Act represents greater risks to businesses’ investment in the first state.

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