Congressman Harris looks to limit federal education funding to states who lack or limit school choice programs

Washington, DC- On Wednesday Maryland Congressman Andy Harris announced his intentions to seek language  in the fiscal year 2024 Department of education funding bill that would reduce federal funding to states without school choice programs, or states that reduce their funding to school choice programs.

This comes as Maryland governor Wes Moore seeks to cut two million dollars from the BOOST program in the state despite having a budget surplus.

The BOOST program is a school choice program that provides scholarships to low income families in Maryland so that their children may attend private education institutions in Maryland.

Governor Moore’s budget also contains language that would seek to phase out the BOOST program over the course of several years.

Congressman Harris believes that eliminating the BOOST program in unnecessary with budget surplus in the state, and that reducing funding to the program would only hinder the opportunity for students to seek a better education, and eliminate choices from parents seeking alternatives to public school for their children.

47ABC spoke with the congressman who told us that the choice to reduce funding for and ultimately eliminate the program was: “Not good for students, not good for parents. And if the governor want to be that irresponsible with education funding  then the federal government should decrease the amount they send to Maryland.”

We did reach out to the office of Wes Moore and were told by a representative of his administration and were told in part quote: “”Governor Moore’s biggest priority is creating a Maryland that will leave no student behind by making record breaking investments into education. The governor has made it clear he intends to to fund schools and make sure educators have what they need.”

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