Call to get community members in DCPS public forums

DORCHESTER Co., Md – Dave Bromwell, Dorchester County Public Schools Superintendent is now calling for parents and community members to come out to school forums.

The county is conducting a comprehensive review of all the schools in the county, making this the biggest study the district has ever done. The review will inform officials of what buildings need to be remodeled, rebuilt, or kept the same. First, the community design team, made up of teachers and students, along with the principal will review the data. Then they will host a public forum for the public to come out to and give their input.

We spoke with the Superintendent who says it’s crucial for next-generation parents to attend these meetings. “Its our children that are in daycare centers right now. We’re trying to focus on those parents because what we do in the future, is going to affect those students. The next public forum, everyone who attends will be able to hear what work was already done, and what was discussed.

The next open forum is on April 19th at Cambridge South Dorchester High School in the media center. The superintendent encourages the community to come out and learn more.


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