Salisbury receives $12M grant supporting Vision Zero plan for safe streets

SALISBURY, Md. – Millions of dollars are coming to Salisbury in the name of safer streets and supporting the city’s Vision Zero Action Plan.

Nearly $12 million in grant funding comes from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Safe Streets and Roads for All program.

Back in 2019, the Vision Zero Policy was adopted in Salisbury to identify potential street dangers and eliminate all traffic fatalities and serious injuries. In 2020, the city implemented that plan with a goal of achieving it by January 2030.

City Administration Julia Glanz says those dollars will be used several projects which include over 21 miles of sidewalk infrastructure, new crossing signals and crosswalks, additional traffic calming measures and more.  “This money really is an equity grant to provide sidewalks in every neighborhood, safe ways to go to work and school, and to just get about your day,” City Administrator Julia Glanz said.

“This $12 million is going to save lives and it’s going to keep residents and visitors of Salisbury from being injured on our roads.”

Along with that grant funding comes a local and state match of nearly $3 million.

Salisbury’s Vision Zero Action has a total planning and design cost of 15 million.

Salisbury is one of 510 communities in this first round of grant funding across the country.

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