Mace’s Lane Community Center renovating

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Mace’s Lane Community Center is getting ready to renovate at the old Mace’s Lane Highschool in Cambridge.

It has been sitting dormant since 2004. Since then, many organizations have worked together to keep the building as a memorial, preserving history. 47 ABC was told these spaces are important historically and making sure residents have a place to get together is crucial.

With this renovation, the Mace’s Lane Community Center will be able to help all age ranges. “To have a place for youth to go in the community, but they also want to serve the seniors and serve the entire community, so one of the things we’re actually going to have we partnered with the boys and girls club. so the boys and girls club will have a program there, says Tyrus Farrow, with Mace’s Lane.

It doesn’t stop there, there will also be a gym installed at the center. If the project doesn’t have any hiccups, the Mace’s Lance Community Center will be done in 2024.

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