Homelessness a steady issue in Seaford: A need for resources


SEAFORD, Del. – A comfy bed and pillow aren’t guaranteed for homeless individuals in Seaford.

Advocates say they need more living spaces for the homeless community. “To create more housing units. To be creating resources that are ready, some people aren’t going to be ready but we have to create a place for people to go to get the help they need and that includes housing,” says Nikki Gonzalez, Founder and President of Redemption City.

Homeless advocates say there aren’t enough beds for every person, despite the fact that the number of people living on the streets really hasn’t changed. What has changed, is just who is walking through that door. “We are seeing a lot of elderly actually people experiencing homelessness. We have quite a number of people here who are 50, 60 70,” Gonzalez says.

Redemption City founder Nikki Gonzalez says as they age, they simply can’t walk the streets anymore. Yet, they have no place to go. “I have a 72-year-old gentleman who has severe diabetes, he gets $700 a month and where’s he gonna actually go and rent for $700 a month?” she questions.

Primarily resources for homeless shelters in the City come from nonprofits but if possible Gonzalez says more support from the city could help. Seaford Mayor David Genshaw says the homeless issue has been steady. “We’re not seeing any overwhelming decrease or increase in homelessness we’ve always addressed that through our community partners mostly ministries that help those who have chosen that lifestyle or have found themselves in those needs,” says Mayor Genshaw.

And getting a place to lay their head is just the first step to moving forward. “You have to have housing if you’re going to think about anything else,” says Gonzalez. One resident at the shelter says it’s also up to the individual to take advantage of the resources they have.

There is currently a waitlist at redemption city’s homeless shelter. For more information about Redemption City’s resources, you can visit their website.

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