Two families turned homeowners in Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md. – Two families now sharing joy in Salisbury as they receive their forever homes thanks to the Habitat for Humanity’s Homeowner Program.

“Oh my God, I’m so excited it feels great,” says new homeowner, Rhoda Nakey.

Homeowners Rhoda Nakey and Enose Brinache blessed their homes Friday morning. That’s good. I’m happy about the people that came in my home. I’m happy – I love it, really love it,” says new homeowner, Enose Brinache.

Both homes are three bedrooms in Salisbury with new and efficient amenities. “Now it has a conditioned crawl space, everything inside is brand new, HVAC, energy efficient, energy star and it’s gorgeous,” says Molly Hilligoss, the Executive Director for Habitat For Humanity.

Nakey’s home was built on a lot where two older homes used to be. But now it’s filled with 1 larger 1-story home with a walk-in closet that Nakey is thrilled about. “It’s huge, somebody else can actually live here too,” says Nakey.

Big homes that the new homeowners get to bring to life through sweat equity. “Our families working on the homes basically volunteering and they’re doing this in lieu of a down payment,” says Hilligoss.

Kids from both families put in the work to see their homes become a reality. “We hung some of the stuff up and I helped my mom put all the glass items in here. I did the groundbreaking I dug,” says Shania Faika Francois.

Mother Rhoda Nakey moved to Salisbury from Nigeria at 22 years old and says this new home came at an impressive price. “I was renting before and right now the pay is much more affordable, the mortgage is really affordable. I’m glad to say that habitat really worked on that for me,” says Nakey.

For the new homeowners, this means building for their future. “They have an opportunity to become a business owner to open an in-home daycare if they want. We have a homeowner that purchased his home 6 years ago, he has his own business now. How life-changing is that!” says Hilligoss.

The families say they are grateful to Habitat for Humanity for making this all possible. Habitat for Humanity says they were able to make this happen with funding from the community. If you want to apply for housing with Habitat for Humanity, click here.

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