Search party for De’Quan Fields, missing for a week

DEAL ISLAND, Md. – A Somerset County man missing now for more than a week.

Family, friends, and community members all rallying together at his last known location. The rain and wind couldn’t keep community members away Thursday as they desperately searched for De’Quan Fields. Even people who didn’t know Fields came out saying it’s what they would want someone else to do for them.

Everyone agrees they just want him to come home safely. “I’m just here to support, I’m here to look for a friend,” says Deserey Manuel, a friend of Fields.

Who is De’Quan Fields?

27-year-old De’Quan Fields was last seen on January 10th and is now considered missing under what police are calling suspicious circumstances. With few answers on Thursday friends and family took matters into their own hands, hosting a search party in the murky marshes of Deal Island to find their friend. “De’Quan was a wonderful person, everybody is pretty shocked that this could potentially be happening, a lot of people have questions on why it could happen, he’s a husband, he’s a father, he’s a son, it’s a lot,” Manuel says. “He was a quiet person, he stayed to himself, he was really friendly if you knew him, he didn’t really hang around a lot of people,” Rochelle Taylor adds.


Maryland State Police are handling the case, they were first contacted on the 12th after family members said they couldn’t reach him. One week later the community canvassing Somerset County since police say Fields’ vehicle was last operated on Deal Island Road between 11 AM and 6 PM on the 10th. “Not long after that his 2004 Dodge Durango was located in the Deal Island Wildlife Nature preserve, in Somerset County, the vehicle had mud, and it was blood located in the vehicle, our forensic science department is processing that vehicle,” says Ron Snyder, with the Maryland State Police says.

The Search

Friends say the nature preserve is a popular hunting location, yet say Fields’ was not a hunter and can’t figure out why he’d be there. They did say he worked nearby. Thursday they spent searching in the cold, deep, and marsh waters of Deal Island. Family members, friends, and strangers cut through the tall weeds as they trek through the muddy water. “We’re assessing the areas and coming up with ideas of where he could potentially be or where his last whereabouts could have been, we’re looking for tracks or traces of anything,” Manuel explains.

“If You Know Anything, Say Something”

Investigators are asking anyone in the area to check their cameras to see if they caught Fields on video. Friend, Deserey Manuel pleaded that if the community knows anything to speak up. “If anybody knows anything they definitely need to come forward, I feel like at this point everybody has realized the impact that it has had and how everybody is concerned about his well-being, and even if you’re upset, you’re scared whatever the situation is you need to do the right thing and provide the information that needs to be provided,” Manuel says.

One thing friends and family agree on it isn’t like Fields to disappear. There’s a concern that something has happened to him and they want to bring him home safely. There is currently a $1,000 reward being offered for information regarding Fields’ case.

If you know anything, you can submit tips anonymously, call the Police at 443-260-3700.

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