Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce calls for child care shortage to be addressed in 2023 General Assembly

2023 Legislative Priorities

SALISBURY, Md- With the 2023 legislative session set to get underway soon, the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce is highlighting issues that they want to see addressed in this session.

Chamber of Commerce President Bill Chambers says that for him- a key issue that needs to be addressed for businesses across the eastern shore- is that of funding and providing affordable childcare options.

He tells us for those workers who have never returned to work since the beginning of the pandemic, childcare is cited as the number one factor.

He says he hopes that when lawmakers in Annapolis craft childcare solutions, they keep in mind the challenges that counties on the shore have in making options accessible and affordable.

“I know the Moore administration has listed this as one of their top priorities and I hope the general assembly moves quickly on this as the session begins and put this important issue behind us,” Chambers said.

Chambers says he is keeping in close contact with the Eastern Shore delegation to make sure existing child care centers are able to expand to greater age ranges of children and get grants to help more centers built to better serve rural areas.

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