Nonprofits express concerns with FY24 Budget

DELAWARE – Regarding the fiscal year 2024 budget a local non-profit leader was pleased to see investments into workforce development, however, for nonprofits she says some funding is lacking.

Sheila Bravo with the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement says one area they need a better understanding of is contracts with the government. For example she says when the state has to make changes due to inflation they are able to make those changes, however, the government doesn’t make those adjustments to the partners.

Bravo says with inflation, costs are rising, and negatively impacting nonprofits. “Less than half of the bill is supporting nonprofits. That just brings up this bigger concern around the cost of providing services, services that the government contracts nonprofits to provide or grants, those costs are rising,” says Sheila Bravo, the President and CEO of Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement.

Bravo says she had hoped to see more funding to offset some of these costs. She says it’s important that nonprofits reach out to their local representatives and voice their concerns so change can be made.

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