Local CPA warning of tax scams as filing date approaches

DELMARVA – Tax season is upon us with the first day to file on Monday.

However, a local CPA is urging that you be careful of tax scams. Mark Welsh says these scams usually target the elderly community. Scammers will contact you by a phone call, usually threatening you with a time stamp so you don’t have any time to double-check that they are the IRS.

Welsh says the IRS usually only contacts you one way. “Almost in all cases, the IRS will mail you a letter in the U.S. mail. You’ll get it and it will explain what’s happening,” says Mark Welsh with UHY Group.

Welsh urges taxpayers to record the number and hang up immediately, then report the call on the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administrations website. The first day to file is Monday, the 23rd.

You can file for free on the IRS website. 

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