Cambridge to discuss fiscal year 2023-2024

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Cambridge is preparing for the upcoming fiscal year.

The goal-setting session was set for tomorrow however that meeting has now been postponed. Not all elected officials could not be in attendance however, the city manager says that for this budget it’s crucial everyone is there. An extra month was built into the schedule to allow for unforeseeable circumstances like this.

At the meeting officials will discuss funding for the next year. “Local government planning meeting or goal setting session is where the elected officials get to set at a very high level 3-5 top priorities or goals for the upcoming fiscal year, and so at the goal setting session we will have council facilitate here’s what we’re really going to focus in on,” says Tom Carroll, the Cambridge City Manager.

The public is welcome to attend, however, the new date for the meeting has not been decided. The new budget goes into effect on July 1.


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