Army Training exercise comes to local Beach Town


Bethany Beach, DE- Those who are travelling to or through Bethany Beach may notice some soldiers in uniform of hazmat equipment as they go through the town the week of January 23rd.

This is because the town will be hosting an multi-departmental training exercise involving the Army and other government organizations.

The nature of this exercise for the National Nuclear Forensics Ground Collection Task Force to practice in the collection of samples in the rare case that there would ever be the need to do so on US soil.

Major Stacey Yarborough tells us: “There are presidentially directed missions in the event that something happened in the US. The importance is if something happened, scientist in the US would be able to inform the President on what happened, and who did it.”

This is not the first time such a training exercise has taken place at Bethany, as the group held the same event last year.

Yarborough informed us that they were eager to use Bethany Beach again as the town was very receptive to them last year, and that the proximity to Dover Air Force Base provided a unique training opportunity for them.

Lastly she wanted to remind everyone that despite the nature of the exercise there is no threat to public safety.

“We just want to make everyone aware. Sometimes the name of the exercise is frightening to people because we talk about radiation and all that. There is no actual radiation. Zero hazards, everything is computer simulated.”






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