Veggie prices up 80%, local supermarket says it’s not a problem in Salisbury

DELMARVA – Vegetable prices are seeing a record spike across the country, due to weather and inflation.

“You’re talking about a surge of 80% which is enormous,” says Cailey Locaklaire, the President of the Maryland Retailers Association.

Vegetable prices saw an 8% jump in the month of November alone, something officials are calling a drastic change. The reason for the increase, some say it’s weather conditions. “So the problem has been over these winter months the top 3 state producers with massive losses and that’s why you’re seeing supply and demand, demand still there – well we don’t have the product there to supply demand,” says Locklair.

One new, local grocery store says that with research and a good vendor, the problem won’t affect you in Salisbury. “Inflation will affect most grocery stores with our buy-in platform the buyers just keep an eye on values that will better our inventory for the customers. Our buyers do their research and find values in the produce industry for our customers,” says Traci Kay, the Fresh Merchandiser for Grocery Outlet.

Inflation isn’t the only problem causing the price hike for you to bring your veggies home. “It’s not just inflation we’re still having problems with transportation and moving goods across the country, you see laboring cost increases, the increase for labor is just unbelievable at this point,” Locklair adds.

In a panic, shoppers may over buy, however, officials say that is not the right way to go. “We encourage folks please do not panic buy, the market will sort itself out, it always does. We’re able to reroute and resource from other vendors outside of the country, so that’s what many retailers have started to do,” says Locklair.

The 3 major states that provide vegetables are Arizona, California, and Florida. As the weather events continue across the country, officials don’t know when prices are expected to lower, however, Grocery Outlet ensures their produce section will be stocked amid shortages.

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