U.S. life expectancy reaches 25-year low, local health experts weigh in

DELMARVA – U.S. life expectancy has now reached a 25 year low, that’s according to recent CDC mortality data from 2021.

That number is now at 76.4 years, 0.6% decrease from 2020.

One of the top three leading causes of death was COVID-19.

We wanted to see how this was being reflected here on Delmarva and checked in with TidalHealth Peninsula Regional.

We’re told local positive cases have seen a significant drop for the last eight months, with only 27 current hospitalizations at TidalHealth. “Good news is that it’s much less virulent, meaning less infectious and it really only impacts the elderly and the sick,” Dr. Chris Snyder said.

“The Omicron variant continues to change, and it seems like its newer species are less likely to cause severe illness which is good.”

The top two leading causes of death according to that CDC data were heart disease and cancer.

Dr. Synder tells us that could be due to the decrease seen in routine screenings for many chronic illnesses during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He adds that the focus now should be on increasing preventative medicine efforts.  “Getting back to normal. Getting back into your routine colonoscopy, breast cancer screenings, and seeing your PCP to make sure your labs are good,” Dr. Snyder said.

Dr. Snyder tells 47ABC although things have calmed down with COVID-19, it’s not leaving us anytime soon.

He says that everyone should still be practicing those same safety measures such as masking up when you’re sick.

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