The Brightside: Unique Artists In Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – From the stroke of a brush to hand-made jewelry from sea glass, a group of artists in Cambridge are working to brighten up the city with a little creativity.

Nine female artists are adding some sparkle and creativity to the city of Cambridge. “We’re painters, we’re fiber artists, we’re collage artists, we’re mosaic artists all different varieties,” says Linda Starling, a local Metalsmith Artist. With a stroke of color or the melting of metal, they’re trying to add a unique flare to the city.

Starling tells us, she is mostly self-taught when it comes to art. However, that passion was fine-tuned and eventually grew to be a true talent. “I work mostly in silver and I’ve learned how to manipulate that metal a little bit to make it in different shapes and make it beautiful and shiny again.”

Meanwhile, artists like Kathy Flement, use multiple mediums to express their creativity. “Sometimes it’s painting, sometimes it’s fiber, sometimes it’s collages, and I translate how I feel through what I touch, and then what I touch dictates the type of medium that I use.”  Flement also tells us says, she got her start through her struggle with finding a healthy way to express herself. “I was quite frankly in a mental hospital and I couldn’t figure out how to describe what was going on and it was only when I put pen to paper that I was able to show how difficult my path was.”

Flement says she started with large paintings with exaggerated colors, but through training, she fine-tuned her work in composition, color, variants, and emotions. Through that, she found healing for herself, and a way to help heal others. “It’s a way into each person’s creativity it’s a way to each viewer’s creativity or each person who touches my art.” Flement adds, “I want them to see each person is creative not only in what they can produce but in how they feel and how they experience their lives.”

Other artists like Starling, dabble in metals and sea glass; one of the many metalsmiths who are giving Cambridge some versatility. “I had a little home from Hooper’s Island where I found sea glass everywhere on the beach and wanted to figure out a way to put that into jewelry and it’s just progressed from there.”

That’s why Starling, along with six other metalsmith artists created a show called “All That Glitters,” to showcase their work to the community, alongside the other Main Street Gallery artists. “All these jewelry artists that I’ve met, we’ve played together, we’ve made art together, we’ve challenged each other.” Starling adds, “Everyone has their specialty or what they like to do the best so getting together with other artists is very rewarding.”

While the “All That Glitters,” showcases for a limited time, the artists are here to stay, expand, and brighten Cambridge one piece, one painting, at a time. “It’s a way to understand yourself and to make a new best friend with me or yourself or the world around you,” says Flement. Starling adds, “It’s a challenge but I think we bring a little bright spot to Cambridge.”

Both artists also tell us, they’re always looking to add artists to the group.

The “All That Glitters” show will go on until the end of December at the Main Street Gallery in Cambridge, MD. The gallery is open Thursday through Sunday from 11 to 5 p.m., and every second Saturday from 5 to 8 p.m.

More information can be found by visiting their website.

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