Suicide rates increase, health official stresses the signs to look out for

DELMARVA – While for most it’s the season to be jolly, but not everyone is happy during the holidays.

In fact, suicide has been on the rise since the pandemic according to a local health official. Ian Bolland, with Balance Point Wellness, says the increase could be for a number of reasons. Including depression, illness, death of a loved one, and financial hardship coming out of the pandemic. However, Bolland says it’s essential to seek help right away if you are feeling depressed. Recent suicide deaths like Stephen “Twitch” Boss and Robin Williams have brought light to the issue. Bolland says that’s a good thing given the stigma around mental health.

He adds sometimes it’s hard to identify but these are some signs to look out for: “A lot of those signs can be changing behavior, so maybe withdrawing from friends, saying goodbye to people, throwing away important items and risky behaviors or sleeping less or more,” says Ian Bolland, the Chief Marketing Officer of Balance Point Wellness.

Bolland says for other resources you can call the suicide hotline at 988. Also you can visit their website for more information.

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